Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zach Randolph: part man, part beast, part sweet, sweet love machine.

So like most of the civilized world I was watching game 6 of the wc semis last night and I thought to myself: "self, that Zach Randolph sure does play the basketball real good." After my drug-addled brain was able to decipher what my drug-addled brain was trying to say,I realized that indeed, Zach Randolph is an exemplary basketball player.

He practically willed Memphis to victory, the man straight up plays with emotion. He (along with the rest of the team) came out fired up after halftime and almost immediately erased a double digit deficit. He is far from the best athlete on the court-- I'm pretty sure the corpse of Larry Bird can jump higher than he can-- but he plays hard on both ends of the floor. Its a refreshing thing to see when the Amares, Melos and Boozers of the world focus on only one aspect of their game.

Ill be pulling for Randolph and the Grizzlies tomorrow. How weird would it be if the second 8th seed to upset a 1st seed plays the first 1st seed to be upset by an 8th seed. Probably not that weird.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Well hello there...

I figure I should explain my reasoning for setting up my blog, because everyone on the internet surely has one, right? First off, I am a huge sports fan--as long as its not soccer, I'm watching it. Second off, I hope to pursue a career in sports journalism and honestly, my sports journalism-istic skills need some serious honin'. My hope is this blog will provide said honin'; plus this gives me a great medium to spew my wacky thoughts ! If your hoping for any hard hitting, deeply analytical sports analysis your not likely to get it. If your hoping from some foul-mouthed sports rants with lots of poop jokes, then brother, I've got you covered.